Metal Components Production experts

Most of the raw materials used in the production process at Dolle Suzhou are metals that range from a variety of steel grades to aluminium; however, plastics are also frequently used.

The variety represented by our production capability is broad as well as in depth. Dolle Suzhou has produced such diverse products as staircases, greenhouses, as well as carports, and shelving products, among many others. 

The modern technology which we have invested in at Dolle Suzhou includes state of the art machinery and technology used in metal production and treatment.

This includes such complex and intensive processes as; robotic welding, plasma cutters, ultrasonic cleaning, and ball blasting technology, to name a few.

Dolle Suzhou produces and maintains all of its own tooling, with a dedicated department of trained staff, giving us unparrelled strength and flexibility over our assets of production.