The quality control process and department is one of the cornerstones of the production facility at Dolle Suzhou. Our largest dedicated department of 10 full time staff, the quality function works as a dual system of checks and balances.

Dolle Suzhou is certified to the ISO 9001 standard which provides a well-structured quality control system for all business processes. Incoming raw materials are subject to quality control to the International standard of ISO 2859.

Many European manufacturing operations approach Quality as either a separate department or implements quality control as part of a cell manufacturing layout where each worker is directly responsible for their own quality control.

At Dolle Suzhou, quality control is rigorously implemented in both ways. Each worker checks the product against demanding standards and it is checked again by the dedicated Quality Control department. Suppliers are audited regularly on site and in addition, supplier's parts are subject to further checks before assembly as well as all proprietary parts of production.

  • Examples of the Quality control tests include:
  • Dynamic and Stress test for all components
  • Corrosion and Rust testing
  • Colour and Density Measurement testing
  • Material Content Verification testing
  • Layer measuring testing